September 4, 2017

R.T.I. in the Fall

R.T.I. is the norm in my first grade classroom for all of my students! Unless a student can already read 50 or more nonsense words in a minute, there is major room for growth! I am in the camp that believes there is significant value in teaching all students alphabetic principle to the point that it operates on basically autopilot or in teaching terms AUTOMATICITY.

If you love teaching reading, but you don’t like doing the teacher prep work for teaching the Beginning Reader then ROLL and READ is likely a great little game changer for your teacher table. Besides printing and laminating the six game cards, you’ll need one die for each of your six R.T.I. students sitting at your teacher table!

I like my students to stay super excited about learning to read, because learning to read can be very taxing on a little one’s brain! Sometimes, not all of the time, I place a 1 minute sand timer between each set of 2 players to spice things up. Something about that timer, really gets the kids excited. If you are really into fun and changing things up, let your littles’ wear dice necklaces while they practice reading nonsense words. Anything that is novel and adds a little bit of fun is great! My kids love Roll and Read. The themes change constantly and I am always adding new little touches from different colored dice, to dice necklace to sand timers. And lest I forget, the paltry old stand-by, a mini paper plate in the color or theme of the RTI resource. I use these little decorative plates from which the kids can roll their die! Okay, I agree, it’s silly, but hey it works! The dice are quieter…You can use foam dice too if you have issues with noise levels…I don’t use foam dice because I don’t like the smell of most foam, plus I think a little noise adds to the fun! 🙂

F.Y.I. This game does your students NO GOOD unless you are at the Teacher Table watching them play the game. I take turns watching each student as they track and read the nonsense words. I give correction when needed. No, I don’t catch their every mistake, because I don’t have 6 sets of eyes, but I do see a lot of them and the children benefit from my input. My students not only love this game, they love the fact that I am giving them my undivided attention. Use Roll and Read as an effective resource to help your students improve their sound symbol correspondence.

Oh, I keep thinking of just one more thing that I need to tell you…and here it is. The cards are labeled Card 1 thru Card 6. Place the cards on the table in chronological order or out of order…It doesn’t matter. Each card looks a bit different. My students sit at each chair for ONLY a MINUTE. Once the sand timer is finished they look to me for the signal that they can move. If I am still watching a student read, the kids wait for me to finish listening and then I say ROTATE. The kids move into the next chair on the right. The person on my left walks behind me and sits in the chair on my right. It’s like Musical Chairs. We play until everyone moves back into their original spot. This game lasts less than 7 minutes. We don’t play it every day, but when we do they are thrilled:). Lots of times, I will make a new Roll and Read and just leave it lying by my computer, and sure enough the kids will start asking, “When can we play with the NEW Roll and Read!?!” EZPZ Lemon Squeezey!  If you want to add this resource  to your fall file grab it here!

This is one of my all-time favorite read-alouds for fall/autumn.  Margaret Wise Brown is the master story teller.  Your students will be enthralled by the beautiful story line about a scarecrow boy growing up.  A definite must read for the primary classroom.  🙂 Ms. LendaHand