I’m a Caterpillar

I’m A Caterpillar BlackOUT Bingo R.T.I. Nonsense Word Fluency Game

Students love to play the weekly Memory Games!

Blackout Bingo is an R.T.I. Game designed for up to six players and is meant to be played at the Teacher Table.

My students love to use colorful pompoms to cover their nonsense words.  Personally, I enjoy using them when I want to CUT BACK on my teacher prep for the games for the next week.  It’s one of those weeks.  Instead of printing the color chips (which by the way always match the theme of the story for the week) I am using these cute pastel colored pompoms.  Time saver and great for students who love tactile learning!

Themed Spelling Words for the Week

I have a colorful mini magnetic pocket chart that I keep at the front of the classroom and use it to display our spelling words for the week.

MEMORY GAMES are easy prep for the teacher and are effective learning for the students.  My firsties are wild about MEMORY. I use this game to reinforce SPELLING Words, SIGHT WORDS, and SELECTION WORDS.  Memory is a weekly staple item in each Teacher Pack along with I HAVE WHO HAS!

I like to hang my weekly PURPOSE STATEMENTS directly behind the Teacher’s Reading Table along the rain gutter shelves that my dear ‘ole hubby John made for me several years ago.  You can see some books on the shelf system!  So handy!

Have a happy week!  Ms. Lendahand;)