About Me

I am a multifaceted multitasked individual, and like most primary school teachers, I wear many hats! I am a wife, mother of three adult children, poodle mom, sorta kinda blogger and teacher.  Just like you, my life is crazy busy, but I try to find balance daily.

If your life is also super hectic and you want to streamline teacher planning and preparation for weekly basal reading stories you have come to the right place.  I know if you are like most K-2 teachers and me, both your computer and bookshelves are filled with resources that promised to make your life easier to only collect dust. Click here for Teacher Resource Packs. 

Since I create these resources for my own first grade classroom, I am offering these excellent supplementary resources to you for very nominal prices.  I promise you are so going to NOT regret these purchases and your students are going to love you for it!  Pinky promise!

Oh, and by the way that guy is my Mr. Lendahand:)  This man has been putting up with me creating and recreating first grade resources for almost three decades.  With retirement looming in the not too distant future, {well, maybe when I hit my fourth decade of teaching!} I did not want to see all my hard work go to waste which is why I decided to offer my resources online.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing that the companion lessons I am using in my own classroom are the same lessons that  many teachers throughout the United States are choosing to utilize.  

If you, too, have great resources that you want to offer other teachers on the web, just visit this link and complete the Teachers Pay Teachers Sign-Up form.   

Back to my hubby! This guy is my biggest fan! He has been there for me through six classroom moves over the course of 30 something years. Any husband of a teacher knows all too well the pain and aggravation that entails. Visit my 1st GRADE page and check out the cool book shelf system my crafty husband installed for me in what I think is my final teaching place:)  OMGosh that sounds too much like resting place!  Oh, well I may be getting older, but I still love teaching little first graders!   

Remember, be sure to visit Teachers Pay Teachers for K-2 Printabes by Ms. Lendahand:) weekly to snatch up some great resources!

Hugs and happiness to you!

DSC_3504Hot Air Balloon Trip ~ 2012

Teaching continues to be an exciting and oftentimes tiring journey, but I would not trade this adventure for anything!